Suzhou Shopping Markets, Places and Streets (Where to Buy in Suzhou)

Suzhou Guanqian Street is a famous pedestrian street gathering entertainment, dining and sightseeing. Huqiu Lu (Road) is a wedding-dress street very popular among local people and tourists. Shiquan Jie (Street) is famous for souvenirs. Some business areas are Shilu and Huaihai Street. Besides, the largest pearl market of Suzhou is “Pear City of China”.

Shan Tang Jie
Shan Tang Jie is really worthy a go. It is an old street along the canal called Shan Tang Canal. It has quite a nice collection of shops selling embroidery, furniture, Mao paraphernalia (memorabilia), rain-aged coins, paintings, nick-nacks, and sculptures.
Shan Tang Jie is divided into two parts, a touristy part and the residence part. The touristy part is where shops and restaurants are located. Another part is where the regular people live. Walking along the street or getting a canal ride, you can have a glimpse of the traditional life in old Suzhou. People rinse their mops and wash their clothes and do fishing in the canals.

Shan Tang Jie Shan Tang Jie

Guan Qian Jie (Street)
Shi Lu Pedestrian Street is a main pedestrianized shopping street. It located in the heart area of Suzhou old city is the must visit place of Suzhou. The name Guan Qian Jie boasting a history of over 150 years means “a street in front of a temple”. Guan Qian Jie is named so because of reposing in front of Xuanmiao Guan (Temple).
Quan Qian Jie is a bustling business street since from old times and many shops in this street are already 100-year-old. You can try your luck at Shi Lu Pedestrian Street shopping for cheap and good quality tea leaves and variety of Suzhou art and handicrafts

Guan Qian Jie (Street) Guan Qian Jie (Street)

Shi Lu Pedestrian Street
Shi Lu refers to a newly rebuilt shopping street of Jinchang District and also is general name of the commercial areas nearby. Shi Lu is as famous as Guan Qian Jie (street), but is different from Guan Qian Jie as it is in a typical modern layout. It consists of a beautiful and cozy square and all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars. The fountain of Bei Shi Lu Square is the largest dry fountain in Suzhou.

Shi Lu Pedestrian Street Shi Lu Pedestrian Street

Shi Quan Jie
Shi Quan Jie locates in the hotel area of Suzhou old city, north of the classical garden – Cang Lang Ting (Blue Waves Pavilion). It is named Shi Quan Jie because there were ten wells in this street. Shi Quan Jie in length of 1800 meters will give you quite a different feeling.
Most night bars and pubs and also restaurants of Suzhou are located in this street. Many unique shops choose their locations here too. Si Quan Jie is not only a bar-street and a restaurant-street, but also a shopping street. Artworks, handcrafts, tea leaves, silk products, embroideries, curio, writing brushes, calligraphies and paintings, etc. all are available in this street. Because of all the attractive aspects, it is a main gathering place for expats.

Shi Quan Jie Shi Quan Jie

Hu Qiu Lu Wedding Dress Street
There is famous wedding dress street located in Huqiu Scenic Area. Hu Qiu means “Tiger Hill”, is situated in the northwestern corner of Suzhou old city. There are hundreds wedding dress shops and stores or private workshops in Hu Qiu Lu. All kinds of Western-style wedding dresses and traditional Chinese cheong-sams will satisfy your requirements.

Hu Qiu Lu Wedding Dress Street Hu Qiu Lu Wedding Dress Street

Fengqiao Da Jie
Fengqiao Da Jie and Han Shan Si (the Cold Mountain Temple) is the special cultural-tourism shopping street located in Fengqiao Scenic Spot. Buildings along Fengqiao Da Jie all are in Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture styles.
Rows upon rows shops are along this old street selling almost all arts and crafts of southern China. Articles are from silk to Su embroideries, from painting and calligraphies to Chinese writing brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs and paper, from rosewood carvings to sandalwood fans, from pearls and jewelries to antiques of all kinds…

Fengqiao Da Jie Fengqiao Da Jie

Nan Hao Jie
Nan Hao Jie is close to the moat in east and connected to Lao Chang Men in north. It is the bustling golden belt since from old times. Nan Hao Jie still keeps the traditional building complex. Walking along this street, you will find a special feeling of have been back to the ancient. Food booths and small shops are on sale of varied snacks and all sorts of arts and crafts.

Nan Hao Jie Nan Hao Jie

Pi Shi Jie Flower and Bird Market
Pi Shi Jie, an old alley stays at the south side of Sheng Zhou Lu. It was in the past famous for leather products. Nowadays, Pi Shi Jie is famous for its flower and bird market. It is a very interesting place for killing time. Tons of shops there are selling varied flowers, birds, dogs, tortoises, and goldfish and so on.

Pi Shi Jie Flower and Bird Market Pi Shi Jie Flower and Bird Market

Suzhou Wei Tang “China Pearl and Germs City”
Suzhou Wei Tang “China Pearl and Germs City” is the largest market for freshwater pearls of China. This pearl market, where a lot of expats go there to but souvenirs, is one of the most famous pearl trading markets in China.
There are over 130 small booths and more than 30 pearl companies in this market. They all sell nice stuffs: pearls and jewelries. From this market you can get some custom-made pearl accessories. Those tailor-made ones are excellent. Address: 88 Pearl Lake Road, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

Suzhou Wei Tang China Pearl and Germs City Suzhou Wei Tang China Pearl and Germs City