1.Singhealth Medical Clinics

Set up by a group of medical professionals from Singapore in 2007, Singhealth provides medical care that is up to international standards to local and expat communities in Suzhou. Singhealth now has three clinics in Suzhou that are supported by a team of international, English-speaking doctors. Their medical team also includes physicans who speak fluent French and German as well as native Korean-speaking staff. The clinics offer primary care in Western medicine with services that include family medicine, pediatrics, vaccinations, physical therapy, travel medicine, health screens, and dermatology as well as laboratory results. In addition, all three clinics have their own pharmacies for added convenience. Singhealth clinics accepts cash or credit cards and provide billing services for major insurance pans. Check the other locations here and here.

2.Suzhou Kowloon Hospital

Affiliated with the Shanghai Jiatong University, this hospital is one of your best choices for medical care in Suzhou. Since 2007, the hospital has offered high-quality care and services to patients through their VIP Medical Center and Foreign Patient Clinic. The clinic has an in-house medical doctor from France, a general surgeon from the USA, an orthopedic doctor from Korea, a pediatric doctor who can speak Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, and a OBGYN doctor who can speak English and Chinese. Additionally, the clinic has many specialists from Shanghai hospitals who can speak English.

3.Parkway Health SIP Medical and Dental Center

Parkway Health has now opened a new institution in Suzhou. The clinic offers high-quality services in family medicine, psychology and behavioral health, and dental services. Their bilingual physicians provide medical care according to international standards The clinic is also home to a pharmacy and laboratory and is equipped with imaging services.

4.Puci Clinic

Besides family medicine, this clinic also offers dentistry and Chinese medicine treatment for locals and expats residing in Suzhou. Their English-speaking Chinese doctors are well-trained. The clinic accepts Metlife insurance.

5.SS Dental Clinic

S S Dental Clinic is one of the top dental clinics in Suzhou’s International Community. The team members, educated and trained in Canada and UK, include experienced and skillful family dentists, orthodontists, dental hygienists and assistants. The English-speaking team members can provide patience with a wide range of professional dental treatments and consultations. S S Dental Clinic is designed by an American designer and equipped according to the requirements of American Dental Association.

6.The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

If you want to try a public hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University is a good choice. Known as Suzhou First People’s Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital is one of the most reputable public hospitals among Suzhou locals. The hospitals has VIP wards providing medical care for foreigners and is recognized by some insrance companies. If you are new to Chinese hospitals, read our tips on how to handle Chinese hospitals.